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G Maps Extractor vs Apify - Choosing The Right Google Maps Scraper

Updated  1/27/2024

One click to extract data from Google Maps for free.

Access detailed location data in seconds.

In the age of digital transformation, data reigns supreme in every industry. And when it comes to location-based data, nothing can defeat Google Maps. However, Google Maps only offers a basic interface for users to access this data. Businesses that need to extract more detailed information for analysis or research often rely on data scraping tools.

In this article, we'll compare two of the most trusted data scrapers - G Maps Extractor and Apify. Let's learn about their strengths, weaknesses, pricing, and features to determine the best fit for your needs.

G Maps Extractor

This tool is dedicated to scraping Google Maps data in CSV/JSON/Excel files, making it highly specialized and efficient. G Maps Extractor processes data locally for enhanced privacy and is often faster than other scrappers due to its focused functionality.

Targeted Scraping:

  • Location-based - Search by region, city, address, coordinates, URL, or even keywords to pinpoint your desired data.
  • Business type - Narrow your search by categories, like restaurants, hotels, or gyms, for laser-focused extraction.
  • URL scraping - Extract data from specific Google Maps URLs for targeted information gathering.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • No coding required: It offers a simple-to-use interface, perfect for users of all technical levels.
  • Intuitive controls: Filter, sort, and export data seamlessly with user-friendly tools.
  • Customization options: Adjust scraping parameters for targeted data extraction and output formats.

Data Extraction Riches:

  • Contact information: It can be used as a phone number extractor or email extractor. You can also use it to collect website information for Google Maps leads extractor needs.
  • Business details: Extract names, addresses, opening hours, price range, and even social media links.
  • Visual assets: Download images and logos associated with businesses for comprehensive data sets.
  • Extract saved list - This tool also provides an “extract saved list” feature. This function cannot be implemented in the cloud and absolutely ensures privacy while extracting bulk data.

Bulk Reviews Extractor:

G Maps Extractor also offers a bulk review extraction tool that can be used to access customer reviews, ratings, and photos in bulk for valuable market research. Just enter the place URL and start extracting the reviews. After clicking on an individual location, you can extract reviews separately or retrieve photos associated with that spot.

Note - There is a limit to the number of reviews that can be crawled from each location, but there is no limit to the number of locations from which you can extract.

G Maps Extractor Pricing:

This tool offers 3 tier pricing plan:

    • Free - $0 - 1000 monthly leads extract
    • Pro - $39 - 100,000 monthly leads extract
    • Business - $99 - 500,000 monthly leads extract

The pro plan of this tool is the most popular. It will grant you 100,000 monthly leads extract for just $39. Its cost-performance ratio is extremely high ($39/100,000 = 0.00039 per lead extract), which makes it a cost-effective Google Maps scrapper.


This data scraping tool is primarily focused on Google Maps and lacks broader web scraping capabilities for other platforms. Some features of this tool can only be accessed in different pricing tiers based on usage.


Apify offers a potent toolkit for extracting data from a wide range of websites, including Google Maps. Here's a breakdown of its key features and advantages:

Integration and Scalability:

  • Cloud service integration: Connect seamlessly with cloud services for data storage and workflow automation.
  • Webhooks and API: Integrate with other tools and services to create customized data pipelines and workflows.
  • Proxy rotation: Utilize a large pool of proxies to avoid IP blocking and ensure smooth scraping operations.

Extensive Web Scraping:

  • Diverse target websites - Scrape data from various platforms beyond Google Maps, extending your data reach.
  • Pre-built actors (scraping scripts): Access a collection of ready-made actors for common tasks, including Google Maps scraping.
  • Custom actors: Build custom actors for unique scraping needs, catering to specific data requirements.

Apify Pricing
Apify offers a 5 tier pricing

    • Free - $0 - 10 CUs included, then $0.4 / CU
    • Starter - $49 - 100 CUs included, then $0.4 / CU
    • Scale - $499 - 500 CUs included, then $0.3 / CU
    • Business - $999 - 1,000 CUs included, then $0.25 / CU
    • Enterprise - Custom pricing and Custom solutions

If you check out the most popular "Starter" plan for Google Maps data scraping on Apify, you'll see that it costs $49 and allows users to extract around 15,000 to 20,000 leads. This pricing is too high in comparison to the G Maps Extractor.


Setting up a custom scraping in Apify can be challenging for beginners. Due to its diversification, Apify may not be as efficient as G Maps Extractor for Google Maps specifically. Advanced features and high scraping volume require paid plans in this Google Maps scraper.

Note: Apify does not offer email scraping and social media extraction. So, you’ll have to pay for other products to scrape emails and social media profiles.

So, Which One is Better?

Choosing the right scrape Google Maps tool depends on your specific needs. G Maps Extractor is the better choice if you're focused on finding a Google Maps API and prioritizing ease of use and speed. But if you need broader web scraping capabilities, customization options, and integrations, Apify offers more versatile but complex solutions.

Always remember that ethical scraping practices are essential. Comply with website terms of service and avoid overloading servers. So, unleash your inner data explorer and let the scraping games begin!