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G Maps Extractor vs Octoparse - Finding the Best Google Maps Scraper

Updated  1/27/2024

One click to extract data from Google Maps for free.

Access detailed location data in seconds.

Since its launch, Google Maps has been widely accepted and adopted by many individuals and businesses. Nothing can compare to Google Maps in terms of location-based data. However, users may only access this data through a rudimentary interface provided by Google Maps. Data scraping technologies are frequently used by businesses that need to extract more specific information for analysis or research.

A number of tools are available on the market to help you with the scrapping process. This article will compare two very efficient Google Maps ScrapersG Maps Extractor and Octoparse. We compare their features, prices, and other factors that help you decide the best-suited tool for you.

G Maps Extractor

G Maps Extractor simplifies lead generation with its user-friendly interface. In just one click, it efficiently extracts comprehensive data from Google Maps, encompassing reviews, email addresses, and images. Besides that, the tool can also act as a phone number extractor, and even extract social media profiles.

Targeted Scraping:

Apply location-based refinement to data extraction on G Maps Extractor by applying criteria such as area, city, address, coordinates, URL, or keywords. For targeted results, adjust your search by business type categories (restaurants, hotels, etc.). Moreover, you can also retrieve specialized data from particular Google Maps URLs.

User-Friendly Interface

Users even with no coding background can easily utilize this tool. Data sorting, filtering, and exporting are made simple by its intuitive UI. Adjust the scraping keywords for a customized extraction.

Bulk Keywords Data Tool

Efficiently generate business leads by extracting keywords in large quantities. By downloading CSV files automatically, the tool streamlines the procedure. For easy access and organizing, set your default download location.

Data Extraction Riches

Acting as a Google Maps lead extractor, the flexible tool collects website information for lead extraction from Google Maps, including email addresses, phone numbers, and firm specifics like names, locations, costs, and social network connections. With a private "extract saved list" feature, it guarantees safe data extraction while giving cloud security and confidentiality first priority.

Bulk Reviews Extractor:

For useful market research, G Maps Extractor also provides a bulk review extraction solution that allows access to consumer reviews, ratings, and images in large quantities.

G Maps Extractor Pricing:

Three price tiers are available for this tool:

    • Free - $0 – 1000 per month lead extraction
    • Pro - $39 - monthly lead extraction of 100,000
    • Business: $99 per month for 500,000 leads extracted


With only a few clicks, Octoparse's user-friendly method of web scraping enables users to convert web pages into structured data with ease. Efficiently streamline your data extraction procedure with this Google Map scraper.

Template Included

One of Octoparse's best features is that it comes with a number of pre-made web scraping templates that are only for Google Maps. A spreadsheet with company names, phone numbers, addresses, websites, ratings, and more may be obtained in a matter of minutes.

Automatic Data Scrapping

With the help of Octoparse, you can automatically extract data in a structured format from absolutely any website.

Octoparse Pricing

There are four plans available for the tool:

  • Free Plan: At $0 per month this is perfect for simple and small projects.
  • Standard Plan: Perfect for a small team, this plan is going to cost you $89 a month.
  • Professional Plan: This is the best plan if you run a medium-sized business and is going to cost you around $249 a month.
  • Enterprise Plan: The plan contains custom pricing and is suitable for large enterprises.

Which scrapper should you choose?

G Maps Extractor boasts a user-friendly interface, specialized scraping options, and comprehensive features tailored for Google Maps. Conversely, Octoparse stands out for its ready-to-use templates. Ultimately, the choice depends on user preferences and specific scraping needs. G Maps Extractor, with its affordable pricing, emerges as an attractive option for businesses of any size seeking a Google Maps scraper. It offers a balance of accessibility and functionality, making it a compelling choice for diverse scraping tasks. Notably, Octoparse lacks the functionality to scrape email addresses and social media, differentiating it from G Maps Extractor in this aspect.